tooth spacer for missing tooth

Tooth Spacer for Missing Tooth

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Tooth spacers are dental devices which are designed to maintain arch space in the case of tooth loss. Primarily used in the orthodontic treatment of children, tooth spacers prevent permanent teeth from erupting out of position or from being blocked. As such, since tooth spacers work to prevent rather than to correct dental problems, they are classified as preventive devices. But, for missing tooth restoration, dental implants can be your best solution. If you’re curious on how much dental implants cost, you might wanna consult your dentist. More…

injury in football

How To Avoid Oral Injury In Football

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Having the proper safety gear is very important to prevent injury in football. With the multitude of ways that injuries can occur, it is imperative that each athlete takes the necessary steps to protect themselves before stepping on the football field. One area of key importance that each football player must practice safety, is with their oral area. You can ask testimonies from football and rugby players supported by Mobile Mouthguards clinic how to protect their oral area during a game. Let’s discuss in further detail the key ways with how to avoid oral injury in football below. More…

gum surgery

Gum Surgery

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A majority of the world’s population suffer from sore or bleeding gums. Many people are unaware that gums deteriorate over time causing more damage. More…

most beautiful smile

Dental treatments that enhances the most beautiful smile

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The structure of your teeth and their appearance can have a huge impact on how you look. Modern cosmetic dentistry treatments offer a variety of ways of enhancing the most beautiful smile. Individuals can choose from porcelain veneers to tooth fillings to restore their beauty. Having the most beautiful smile increases self-confidence and more people feel that you are more attractive and successful. Creating a beautiful smile with dental cosmetic treatment can be a positive life-changing experience. Restoring your smile will require a complex treatment plan. Keep in mind that this will involve reconstructing your teeth as well as orthodontics More…