Which Regular Exercises Are Used In A US Marine Fitness Test?

Which Regular Exercises Are Used In A US Marine Fitness Test

How does the military exercise? Marines or any soldiers who go into missions should prepare for a challenging road into getting physically fit. Do you want to get pumped like a US marine? If you’re ready for exercises that may require extra long hours, you should browse for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or a strength test. You can buy your spin bike here and see how you can work out like you’re hoping to qualify for a US marine fitness test. On the other hand, anyone who desires to lose weight by trying an intense strength or physical fitness test (PFT) should first see a general doctor. 


Why Does The Military Require Fitness Programs?

The US marine fitness test is a disciplined training for all US citizens aiming to be a marine someday. Since 2017 the US marine corps (USMC) raised its standards on Initial Strength Test (IST), Physical Fitness Test (PFT), and Combat Fitness Test (CFT). As a requirement for the different environments from missions that marines will take, it is a must for every US marine to be physically fit. Moreover, there are additional requirements like height, weight, and body fat, depending on your age group. A recruiter may organize you within your age group to ensure that every US marine fitness test is fair. 


Regular Exercises In A US Marine Fitness Test

Similar exercise tests in a US marine fitness test include regular exercise for any person. Finishing an exercise test enables the marine to prepare for a mission’s physical demands on the field. Furthermore, marines must pass the US marine fitness test scores, whether it is a strength, physical fitness test (PFT), or combat test. If you’re aiming to achieve goals that are on an equal level with military training, here are some facts you need to know. 


Abdominal Crunches or Plank Pose

US Marine Fitness Test

Modified crunches are crucial to build a person’s strong core and improve strength in the abdomen and arms. On a United States Marine Corps exercise, the marines must hold crunches for at least two minutes and hold a plank pose for four minutes and twenty seconds. To do a modified crunch, place your arms across the chest. Maintain your feet flat on the ground, and your knees bent as well. Afterward, lift your upper body down to touch your knees. Perform these steps a few times to complete the exercise.


Pull Ups Or Push Ups

According to the United States marine corps website, pull ups and push ups aren’t timed events. But, it has a certain number of reps and sets to fulfill. It is necessary to conquer this regular exercise for upper body strength, building muscles, and maintaining stamina. A maximum of 100 points for this category and the others are needed to complete the task.  


Three-Mile Run

A three mile run for the United States marine corps has different obstacles that must be finished under a specific time limit. Splits and finish times determine if the soon-to-be marine is ready to participate in other exercises and fitness routines after the three mile run. 


Another Fitness Test That A US Marine Must Do

The United States Marine Corps from 2019 – 2020 need to recruit at least 38,500 marines due to retention issues. A marine’s qualifications don’t stop in doing physical activities that test their fitness and strength. New recruits must pass annual PFT up to combat fitness tests to train their body. It may take up to a few months until the whole year is over. 


Combat Fitness Test (CFT)

The combat fitness test includes the three following exams: 

  • Movement to Contact
  • Ammunition Lift
  • Maneuver Under Fire

The commandant must see that the whole army passes the score in order to include these people in a new battalion. 


Should Anyone Try A US Marine Fitness Test?

US Marine Fitness Test Checkup

Is it recommended to try a fitness routine like a US marine fitness test? Immersive exercises may not be suitable for everyone. Especially, body weight and condition can hinder people who want to try extreme fitness routines. Besides, a US marine corps has a different battle to work with. It can be dangerous for normal citizens to engage in physical activity that isn’t suitable for their body’s build. On that note, a physical fitness test (PFT) regulation and a professional’s advice first. You may feel that your weight right now needs a fast and extreme way to reduce and burn fat. Even athletes are susceptible to the impaired immune system due to repetitive trauma. In this way, bacteria and viruses can enter the system quickly. Moreover, there are higher cases of allergic rhinitis, asthma, and vocal cord dysfunction for athletes, as certain research cases observe. You can choose an alternative fan way to exercise, just visit this page to see.

Back to our topic, here are other health problems that you may encounter if you make a sudden change in your routine.


Dangers Of Extreme Workouts:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Broken bones/fracture
  • Decrease libido
  • Heart disease
  • Torn ligaments, tendons
  • Immune system disorder


What Can A High Intensity Fitness Routine Do To The Body?

While it is not harmful to step up your physical workout, you must be careful how to bend your knees and extend your muscles. There are equivalent workouts that anybody can try at home or while in a gym. Besides making your strength top-notch, you can also have proper blood circulation and breathing, which significantly reduces your weight. You can also change from aerobic to heavyweight body workout after you have higher endurance. According to the experts, at least 150 minutes doing moderate to high intensity (75 minutes) per week can guarantee you great results. 

Here are some benefits of higher intensity exercises that can guarantee you more than just weight loss. 

  • Improves Oxygen Intake And Blood Flow

Exercising also helps a person breathe better by having the muscles of their lungs stronger and have a larger oxygen capacity. Besides, blood flow is regular, making the other organs function better. A better blood flow also helps regulate your temperature and decrease painful symptoms of headache, migraine, and even head, and neck pain.


  • Can Help Burn Calories Better And Faster

US Marine Fitness Test Similar Workout

Calories are one of the significant contributors to weight gain and other health diseases. A person that aims to lose a few pounds with a quick turnaround can expect to see fast weight loss when doing exercises like HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Tabata, jump rope, and running. You may want to ask a gym instructor for better techniques on your physical fitness test (PFT) that may be similar to a US marine fitness test. 


  • Lowers Blood Pressure And Sugar

Another advantage of doing exercises is to regulate your blood pressure, decreasing the chances of hypertension. For people with diabetes, readiness to lower sugar by doing physical fitness test (PFT) can also regulate glucose production. Ultimately, exercise can give more physical benefits that will help your overall wellbeing.

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