Types Of Dentist: Tooth The Rescue!

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There are different types of dentist coming in rescue to a dental patient. Despite their differences in training, they still share common goals. If you want to upgrade your smile with braces, implants of whitening treatments, check the brands offered by this clinic in Pyrmont. They are sure to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile.


What are the types of dentists?

Generally speaking, several types of dentists offer different dental services according to their specialization. Despite the differences, they still share a common goal, and that is to provide exemplary dental service to their patients. We enumerated below the seven types of dentists, in general.

  1. different types of dentists working togetherGeneral Dentist
  2. Pediatric Dentist (also known as Pedodontist)
  3. Orthodontist
  4. Periodontist
  5. Endodontist
  6. Oral Surgeon (also known as Oral Pathologist)
  7. Prosthodontist

In this article, let us give attention to number 1 and number 2. Let us discuss how are these types different from each other.


General dentist

A general dentist is the type of dentist who mainly provides dental care to patients at various ages. They conduct a thorough examination of the mouth, provide regular teeth cleanings, and offers a discussion about your dental health, including your overall health as well.

This type of dentist do the diagnosis, treatments and provides services to address your oral health care needs. It includes gums, root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges, and dental veneers. Aside from that, they will recommend their patients preventive measures to avoid oral health problems.

All of these types of dentists have earned either a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) or doctor of dental medicine (DMD) degree. However, there is no difference in terms of education between the two degrees. Anyone who wants to pursue this career must at least three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school.


What are the typical services offered by a general dentist?

  1. Preventive services: These services help you maintain good oral health. It ensures that oral health diseases will not push through inside the mouth. They will apply regular exams such as X-ray and perform professional teeth cleanings. They also provide basic instructions for preventive measures that the patients can use at home.
  2. Restorative services: Right at the time of discovering a dental issue, they can immediately give you the appropriate treatment. There are different restorative options to choose from to be able to treat a damaged tooth-may it be, a damaged, broken or knocked-off tooth.
  3. Cosmetic procedures: This service helps improve the appearance of your teeth and the overall smile. It can help restore the teeth into a sparkling smile using cosmetic procedures. It includes whitening, bonding, or veneer. In other words, a smile makeover.
  4. Overall health concerns: An issue with dental health also affects the condition of the overall health. These types of dentists help identify those issues. Upon identification, they will either recommend a treatment or propose a referral when needed. They undergo training to gain the ability to do this. Also, they can provide counseling to patients about general health and wellness.

This type of dentist is one of the most common types in the world of dentistry that you can work with.


Pediatric dentist

It is another type of dentist also known as Pedodontist. They are types of dentists who took specialization in dental care and treatments for children and youth.

Pedodontists completed four years of dental school and additional two years of training after. This training focuses on the approaches necessary in dealing with children and the proper treatment suited for them.

Pedodontists work closely with pediatricians and the general type of dentist. They usually refer patients to a pedodontist in case they need a more specialized approach. On the other hand, they still focus on providing good oral health care, prevention and treatment to oral health diseases and tooth decay. They work closely and precisely with children up to young adulthood.


Common services provided by a Pedodontist

  1. Infant oral health exams.
  2. Preventive dental care.
  3. Habit counseling, such as thumb sucking.
  4. Dental assessments for improper bites.
  5. Tooth repairs.
  6. Diagnosis of oral conditions.

Other than that, pedodontists use different methods when communicating with the child patient.

  1. types of dentists holding dental toolsPositive reinforcement: They commend their patients in terms of maintaining proper behavior during the dental procedure.
  2. Tell-show-do: To earn the trust of the patient, they use simple words to explain the procedure. This way, the child will understand what will happen in the dental procedure.
  3. Tone: The tone of pedodontists are more on the friendly type. In this case, they can build trust and encourage the child to participate more with dental appointments.



Despite the several types of dentists we have around, it is still better to practice oral hygiene at home to prevent oral health problems. On the positive side, working with the dentists will make us more knowledgeable about maintaining good dental and overall health. At this clinic in Melbourne the experts check sleep issues connected to dental health.

The dentists are always here tooth the rescue! Ya-ha!

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