The Best Tooth Replacement Options

teeth replacement

The lack of teeth can make you feel shy and can be a blow to your self-esteem. Holes make you lack a perfect smile, there are solutions. Not only are there several ways to solve the problem, but there are also many good reasons to choose a tooth replacement option procedure.

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Tooth replacement

If you lose your jaw teeth, other problems may occur. One of these problems is slippage. When this happens, the neighboring teeth that surround the hole move in this area. They begin to bend, and the superiors disappear. This deviation can endanger the gum line and make it more sensitive to periodontal disease.

You may suffer from bone loss as well as drifting. When you lose your teeth, the bone that holds them begins to diminish. This is a natural process called resorption. The bones begin to change almost immediately. If you do not replace what is missing, you will lose both the width and the height of the jaw bone in this area.

Resorption is worse when you lose your teeth in the area without a procedure to replace the teeth. This is the most important reason why dentures do not fit as they should.

Types of Tooth Replacement Options

For some, the loss of one or two can be improved by using a fixed bridge. To perform this procedure, the surrounding teeth must be sufficient and healthy to support the bridge.

First, the bridge must be fabricated. It is necessary to reduce the area to make room for a prosthetic tooth. After that, the prosthesis will be suspended. The bridge requires a reduction in the adjacent teeth, which increases the risk that they need root canals or even that they suffer possible damage to the nerves. However, the bridge will take between 10 and 12 years before the exchange is necessary.

tooth replacementDentures are another option. The partial denture can help you replace one or more teeth. Although it requires the support of others, there is no substantial training. Of course, if there is a lot, you can choose a complete set of lower or upper prostheses instead of a partial set.

Dental implant. This type of dental replacement is achieved by inserting the base into the bone. This helps protect against the loss of jaw bone and gums from the rest of the teeth. The base has a realistic prosthesis. This method may be more desirable than a bridge because the implant does not affect the surrounding teeth. They are also easier to keep clean and can be more aesthetic.

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