Easy Does it: 3 Simple Beauty Treatments for Your Skin

beauty treatments

Picture this: a trip to the beauty parlor in the 1800s and you end up with a snail on your face! Apparently, snail slime was the secret to younger looking skin. Fast forward to 2019, a trip to the beauty parlor and you end up with mini needles poking your face! Apparently injuring the skin was the secret to youthful looking skin. Not much has changed, has it? Fear not, beauty treatments don’t have to be odd and scary to be effective. Most skin care specialists would agree that consistent care is as good as one-off expensive treatments. Plus, who’s got the time and money for complex procedures? Kudos if you do, but if you don’t, there are 3 simple beauty treatments you can do at home and still get healthy looking skin. Read on to know more about them.

1.60-seconds face wash

Washing your face is a not so secret beauty secret, but it’s not always done right. In order to really “wash” your face, get rid of dirt and build-up, the 30-second wash an average person does is simply not enough time to work the cleanser into the skin and let it do its thing.

So instead of rushing through washing, sing the Fresh Prince theme song as you begin washing and once you’re finished singing, your face should be sparkly clean. Clean skin is the foundation of healthy skin.

2.Turmeric face mask

Beauty gurus swear by this mask’s beauty treatmentsglow factor. With consistent use, turmeric has been shown to enhance the skin’s natural elasticity, even out skin tone by removing dark spots, and improving skin texture by gently exfoliating.

There are plenty of variations on the ingredients for this facemask, but the simplest that is still useful is the honey mixture. Honey’s antibacterial property and its richness in antioxidants mix well with turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties.


This is a song in today’s beauty sphere, and we will sing it again here because it’s just that important! Protecting your skin against the sun’s warm, but harmful, rays is critical. Sunscreen of at least 30 SPF (even when it’s cloudy and overcast outside), helps build a barrier between your skin cells and the rays that want to change its DNA structure. It also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Beauty treatments need not be complex and weird! Simple, easy, and consistent care is just as effective to get you naturally beautiful skin.

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