Patient Privacy and Confidentiality

patient privacy and confidentiality

Laws are set how patient health records and information can be shared. Any hospital or health care providers are bound to these rules. If you read about patient confidentiality at you will understand why healthcare professionals cannot share or discuss your health care information without your knowledge. Health care information is stored in a way that protects your privacy.

What is patient privacy and confidentiality?

Privacy in healthcare

This refers to the personal information you give to a health care provider, any type of medication you are prescribed, the information you give to health care and they write down kept private. The information is not shared by third parties without your knowledge. This is a legal right to each and every patient to enjoy privacy. Laws are set to ensure this right is not violated and guidelines are given to health service providers in how to get the information, record, store, how they will use it and share it’s a patient you are given mandates to give any health professionals the consent to share your health information to other providers.

Medical confidentiality

These are a set of rules that prevent patient privacy and confidentialityaccess to information records discussed between a healthcare provider and a patient.It’s only under given conditions the information can be shared to the third party, the law states that information should be kept private between the two of you and the health care facility. This is referred to as patient-doctor confidentiality. In case you visit a new doctor it’s upon you to decide whether to share with the healthcare provider previous health records

Exemptions to Privacy

In some situations, health services may share your health information records without your knowledge. Some situations include the following:-
In case you or someone else’s life is in danger and your health information can be used to get medication or helpful. Example, when you are unconscious healthcare providers, need to know whether you are allergic to certain drugs
In case the information can be used to reduce or prevent a contagious illness that can be a threat to the public.

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