Dealing with pain after tooth extraction

pain after tooth extraction

It’s very difficult to avoid pain after tooth extraction especially in adults where the tooth is fully developed and has strong root. Even though the pain is mostly controlled during the extraction using anesthesia, this can only reduce the pain for the first few hours. Some of the common reasons that may lead to tooth extraction include a cavity, decay and a badly damaged tooth that can be repaired. Team can recommend you some tips on handling dental problems.

What causes pain after tooth extraction?

The nature of your tooth goes beyond the while enamel into the gum through the roots and rests on the jaw bone together with the nerves. Part of the tooth is served by nerves which get damaged when the tooth is damaged. During tooth extraction, the tooth is detached from the jaw bone and the attached nerves which may lead to pain.

When the extraction is done for a strong paining tooth, you are likely to experience more pain that when the tooth is already weak. The pressure that is experienced during the extraction may also damage the tissue around the gums and can increase the pain. Deep inside the roots, the socket creates a bond with the tooth root which can easily cause pain after extraction because the bond must be broken during extraction.

How to control the pain

pain after tooth extractionAfter the extraction and the anesthesia reduced to zero in the mouth, the pain may increase hence the need to control it. The pain can be controlled using normal painkillers that are taken whenever you feel extreme pain and must be taken according to the doctor’s instructions. You can control the swelling by using an ice bag on the affected part as the cold temperature has a unique technique to reduce pain.

You can adopt a new diet composed of soft foods after the extraction to reduce the physical effort that may cause injury and add more pain. Avoid heavy duties such a heavy lifting objects which may force blood into the sensitive tissue to increase the pain. Take off from your normal activities and give the body a few days to recover before you can get to your normal schedule. If you feel continuous pain, you can dial a home doctor to check on your condition.

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