Invisalign After Braces: The Future Of Orthodontics?


invisalign-BracesA person’s happiness is usually expressed with a smile and a smile has to be a good looking one with some well-aligned teeth. Some others even get to the extent of never smiling or feeling too embarrassed to smile back at others all because of their poor dentition. Thanks to braces and a whole lot of dental solutions this problem is soon going to be outdated. There is even another trending material available which is even much more sophisticated and good looking than wearing braces, it’s the Invisalign. It’s not just available in Irish country but also to Invisalign Australia clinics.

The Invisalign is not just another option in place of wearing braces but it’s necessary to be worn even after wearing braces. Below are some reasons for wearing Invisalign after braces.

It’s invisible and unnoticeable

Though braces are some sort of dental treatment it’s also a big source of humiliation. People always tend to mock at those who put on braces. With Invisalign, you won’t go through all that embarrassment. As its name implies, Invisalign is invisible.

Less dental visits

Another advantage of this invisible dental tool is that you don’t need to always find time to visit your orthodontist. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to frequently go back for any orthodontic treatment. Just follow the very simple instructions and that’s all.

It requires very simple daily care

With this new dental equipment, you don’t need to do any complicated or boring cleaning procedure such as floss threading. It’s very easy to remove and clean all by yourself.

However, because everything has a good side as well as a bad side, it’s always good to be forewarned about using this new orthodontic tool.

What should you know before using Invisalign after braces?

• It has to be worn for almost the whole day, for at least 22 hours a day. So, keep in mind that you will go everywhere with it on. Hopefully, it’s invisible and no one will easily notice it.

• Ladies might have to avoid colorful lipsticks and gloss because it might very probably stick on it leaving stains on it.

• With this new orthodontic tool, the rate of teeth brushing increases and you might end up brushing your teeth even more than 6 times a day. You will literally need to brush your teeth everywhere you go!

• Another weird aspect is what you drink, you will no longer be able to drink hot drinks, tea or coffee. Cold water is highly recommended. But no one can really drink just cold water!

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