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dental prophylaxis

Oral prophylaxis as the term suggests is the practice of controlling and negating the onset illnesses of both the teeth and mouth tissues. It entails the removal of food remains, calculus that has stuck in the roots and crowns of teeth, bacterial plaques, and stains. The procedure combines the use of ultrasonic scaling or hand scaling instruments. Visit to read more about the procedure.

How Oral prophylaxis is done?dental prophylaxis for male patient

a) The first step is to thoroughly clean the teeth and mouth tissues. Scaling tools can be used to get rid of calculus and plaque. This is known as supragingival cleaning.

b) The cleaning goes to a deeper extent; the dentist is able to get rid of any stain or debris from the patient’s gum pockets. This stage is known as Subgingival cleaning.

c) Root planing is the third stage; the teeth root is smoothened to ensure no bacteria remains.

The examination is the last stage in this process. X-rays are used to show to what length has the gum and bone recessed. They also come in handy to find out areas that might require to be looked into in the near future.


It removes all the stains and leaves you with a brighter smile. Having oral prophylaxis can prevent serious gum diseases which might lead to teeth loss. It prevents other diseases such as oral cancer.   Teeth cleaning prevent incidences of dental stroke, which might lead to a heart attack. Most of the oral prophylaxis plans cover cleanings hence saves you some bucks or your dentist expenses.


Can only be performed by a qualified and experienced dental hygienist. It very expensive, the procedure and kind of equipment used can prove to be very costly. Oral prophylaxis procedures such as teeth scaling can make the gum swollen and tender. If teeth scaling is performed inadequately, it could lead to loosen teeth.

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