How long do antibiotics stay in your system?

how long do antibiotics stay in your system

In one way or the other, antibiotics find their way into the body system either as a painkiller or as a doctor’s prescription for treatment. The frequency of antibiotics intake should be monitored as excess use of antibiotics can expose the body to some health risks factors. How long do antibiotics stay in your system is the great concern of every patient who uses antibiotic frequently. View this page to find the answer to that question and more.

How long do antibiotics stay in your system?

The time it will take for the body to absorb the antibiotics depends on the frequency of intake. When the body frequently receives antibiotics, for example, three to four-time every day, the effect is likely to be longer as compared to someone who does it once after weeks.

What happens to the antibiotics in the body?

When the body is subjected to the use of antibiotics frequently, the body can’t fully absorb it making it necessary to store some of them internally. Some of the body organs become the storage or deposit site for the excess antibiotic in the body. Both the bones and other body cells can be used to store excess antibiotics in the system. how long do antibiotics stay in your system

Before they are fully used in the body, the antibiotics may remain active which will determine the time it will take to remain active in the body. To avoid the risk, fewer antibiotics intake antibiotics are encouraged to avoid excess deposit limiting the time it will remain active in the body system.

The body will require an average of six to twelve hours in order to eliminate antibiotics in the body. Depending on the mode of antibiotics intake, lifestyle, age and health status, the antibiotic can even take longer to be eliminated.

What to understand before the use of antibiotics?

Before other drugs are used in the body, the doctor should check on the antibiotics contents first. Some drugs can only be used after the antibiotics have been completely eliminated from the body. Always consult your doctor when using any of the antibiotics for the right advice as the long term use of some of them can be a health risk.

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