How can you be the highest paid surgeon in the US?

highest paid surgeon in the us

Did you know that doctors have an annual pay that averages at $224,000 in 2018? This is the annual income of a doctor in the US whose salaries range from 23,500 to $397,000. With this fact, one can start to ask, how much is the annual salaries of surgeons in the US? How can you be the highest paid surgeon in the US?

Know your specialization. In 2016 and 2017, orthopedic surgeons topped the charts as the high paid doctors in the US. But in 2018, plastic surgeons took over, likely due to the increasing popularity and regaining the reputation of successful cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Harness your skill. Your specialization may potentially give you a higher salary compared to other medical specialties, but if you are not known as a successful surgeon whose work speaks for your reputation in your field, chances of having patients coming to you for consultation and procedure are slim.

Know your target patients. There are places where the popularity of plastic surgery is widespread, and there are conservative states that do the opposite. Know what your present and potential patients need and specialize in that.

Focus on patients’ needs. Rather than showing complete interest in money, what you should spend time in is to do everything you can to improve your patient’s quality of life. Come to think of it, you are a doctor, not a businessman.

highest paid surgeon in the usShow empathy and concern. A caring doctor knows his patient not just as a client or customer, but as a person. That is why general practitioners and primary care physicians earn more than some doctors with higher salaries. Their number of patients who entrusts their health history and other life secrets turn to them not only for treatment but for advice in all kinds of things. Be humane and show interest in your patient’s life so it would be easier for him to be comfortable with you and divulge information that you need to help him get by with life healthily.

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