How Beneficial Is A Half Marathon Training For Me?

half marathon training

What benefits can a Half Marathon training give me? Half marathon training is a reasonable running distance for both your mind and body. The distance you need to run is not too long, but still offers you the benefits of losing calorie, fitness building, and your mental strength. With a training plan and fitness equipment, you are ready to join the half marathon. You can get to choose the suitable equipment for you to visit the Fitbit Watch Australia site.


What is the Half Marathon?

A half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21k of running. Although the distance you need to run is not too long, but it still offers you the benefits that your body needs. Losing some calorie, fitness building, and mental strength were the benefits that you could get from running a half marathon. A right training plan will help you in training all the individual aspects of half marathon. Scheduling your training for the half marathon will prevent you from being injured or overtrained.


Benefits of Half Marathon training

The half marathon training has many benefits for the beginners and veteran runners and other athletes. Here are some of the benefits of half marathon training.half marathon training

  • When you train for a half marathon, you will receive an increased capacity of your cardiovascular. With the constant improvement of your fitness, you will improve your body’s ability to adopt a greater distance, lowers your blood pressure, and improve your whole heart health. And training for half marathon will push you to the limits to maintain a healthy cardiovascular and heart.
  • Half marathon training will help you in losing weight and burn off some calories. Training for a half marathon needs you to run a lot, which will help you in burning off some calories. Half marathon training requires you to run a distance of 13.1 miles for at least eight weeks of training. Once you have a strong base, you will burn some calories and improve your muscle tone. You can use equipment from this shop to improve your strength.
  • Half marathon training will motivate you to run the distance of the half marathon. It is essential to have a half marathon calendar so that you will be encouraged to stick to your training schedule.
  • In training for the half marathon, it will help you in increasing your cardiovascular and immunity. Exercise is one of the best methods in reducing blood pressure and assists in keeping your high cholesterol in check. Running also develops your immune system for your body functions to be more effective and efficient in fighting against germs.
  • Training for half marathon will give benefits to your mental health. A half marathon is a challenging run that will help you mentally prepare yourself for the race and other competitions. Half marathon training is also an excellent stress reliever.
  • Training for a half marathon helps you to increase your confidence. When you finish half marathon race, you’ll be able to join the elite group of runners who have achieved this feat.


Types of Half Marathon Training plan

Here are the types of Half Marathon training plan that you could choose.

  1. Beginner Half-Marathon Training Plan
  2. The sub 2:00 Half-Marathon training planhalf marathon training
  3. The hilly half-marathon training plan
  4. 10-week sub-1.50 half-marathon training plan
  5. 10-week sub -1.25 half-marathon training plan
  6. 10-week plus 1.50 half-marathon training plan
  7. 12-week sub-2.30 half-marathon training plan
  8. 12-week sub-2.15 half-marathon training plan
  9. 12-week sub-2.00 half-marathon training plan
  10. 12-week sub-1.45 half-marathon training plan
  11. 12-week sub-1.30 half-marathon training plan
  12. 12-week sub-1.20 half-marathon training plan


Structure of your Half Marathon Training Plan

Before you start to plan your training, you should ask for a medical certificate to train from your doctor as half-marathon needs you to be fit and healthy. Once you are cleared, you can now start planning your training for half marathon.

  1. For most of your Mondays you should plot it as rest days. As rest is vital for your recovery and to prevent you from being injured. And remember to always plot your rests days.
  2. For Tuesdays and Thursdays, plot on your plan to run at a moderate phase after warm-ups. And if you are feeling tired, running at an easy pace will suffice. Or you can test your pace by running for a few miles at 5k-10k. And do the cool-down exercises and stretching after your run.
  3. For Wednesdays, designate some rest days on it. And for other Wednesdays, plot cross-training days when you should do a cross-training activity. And at easy to moderate for thirty to forty-five minutes. It is also helpful to do a whole-body strength training for at least once a week, for you to build your muscle endurance and to reduce risk in injury.
  4. half marathon trainingFor Fridays, plot a cross-training activity like swimming, biking, from easy to moderate for thirty to forty-five minutes. And if you are feeling very sore on Friday, plot a rest day as you must be well-rested and feeling strong for your Saturday long run.
  5. For Saturdays, plot a long, slow, distance run for you to do. Run the designated distance at a comfortable, relaxed pace. And use your breathing to guide you on your long run. Be sure that you will be able to breathe easily and comfortably converse in complete sentences during your run.

For Sundays, as this is your active recovery day, plot a short distance run. Be sure that your short-run will be at an effortless, comfortable pace, which will help you loosen up your muscles. And you can also plot a run and walk combination or cross-training. And end your run for the day with some gentle stretching. Visit to see how practising on a treadmill can help your Marathon training.

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