How Can I Achieve The Most Attractive Eye Smile?

squinted eye smiling

Eye smile became popular as it is commonly seen in Korean idols. It is when the person smiles and their eyes create a crescent moon-like shape, making it seem like their eyes are smiling too. An eye smile is not something that most people have. Fortunately, surgeons are now offering modern eye surgery techniques to help people achieve their desired eye shape.


Meaning of Eye Smile

In medical terms, an eye smile is also called a Duchenne smile. When a person smiles with their eyes, it commonly indicates true enjoyment. Additionally, an eye smile is also considered as every contagious human expression.

Why does your eye smile? According to doctors, when a person smiles, the muscles in their face affect each other. If you are smiling with your lips, it reaches your cheeks and eventually the corners of your eyes. That is how an eye smile takes place.

Smiling with your eyes means that you are truly happy, as a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most natural human expressions.


Achieving The Perfect Eye Smile

Perfecting an eye smile is not easy. Since it is considered an expression of genuine happiness, you will need to gather lots of happy thoughts before you can fake it. Do you want to achieve the most attractive eye smile? Refer to the list of tips below:

Practice your smile

smiling in front of mirrorYou can do this by facing the mirror and studying how you look when you smile with your eye. Also, you may opt to take a photo of yourself while you are practicing. This will help you determine if there are things that need to be adjusted. Most people are practicing eye smile for work purposes, especially those who work directly with customers.

Feel The Difference

Smiling genuinely and fake smiling feels different at some point. Notice how you feel when you are smiling sincerely than when you are faking it. Frankly speaking, honest smiles are much more attractive than fake ones. If you want to perfect your fake smile, try to think of the happy memories of your life.

Be Confident

One of the best ways to achieve an eye smile is by being confident. Smiling confidently, even though it’s fake is way more convincing and appealing.

Try Different Kinds Of Smile

There are multiple kinds of smiles as of this writing but the eye smile is the most favorable one. You can practice your smile by smiling with an open mouth, closed mouth, showing teeth, or laughing out loud. By doing this, you will know which kind suits you best and look better on you.

Don’t Overthink

The more you think about how you look smiling, the more faker it will look for other people. Share an amazing eye smile by thinking lightly and not trying too hard.


Benefits Of Smiling

  • Smiling makes you attractive.
  • It relieves stress.
  • It’s contagious, creating a lighter atmosphere with the people around you.
  • A smile can boost your immune system.
  • Saves you from the unhealthy risks of high blood pressure.
  • Effectively reduces pain.
  • Keeps you feeling positive at all times.
  • Improves your relationship with family and friends.
  • Boosts confidence.
  • Promotes a positive vibe.

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