ENT facial plastic surgery specialist

ENT facial plastic surgery specialist

Since the specialization of an ENT would be mostly focused on the face and head, can they do plastic surgery operations too? Is there a special branch of medicine that would cover ENT facial plastic surgery? Read more to find foreign surgeons experienced in ear, throat, nose surgery in Sydney  and other major cities.

What is an ENT?

ENT stands for ears, nose, and throat. This type of doctor would cater to diseases and disorders related to various parts of the head. ENT’s would help patients deal with problems like hearing disorders, problems swallowing and problems with the neck and sinuses and even cancers associated with the throat. ENT’s would be able to treat the simple to the most severe cases related to the ears, nose, and throat. They would also be authorized to perform certain surgeries relating to these disorders.

Can they perform cosmetic surgeries?

Since there would be many types of plastic surgery operations that can be done to improve patients’ eyes, ears, and noses. ENT’s can perform surgeries to these parts of the face. The reason behind this would be because cosmetic surgeries would be part of the larger branch of medicine that ENT’s fall under. ENT’s are under the otolaryngology branch of medicine. There would be two distinct subcategories of otolaryngology. These would be reconstructive and cosmetic.ENT facial plastic surgery specialist

Reconstructive procedures. Reconstructive procedures are done on patients who have had to live with birth defects, such as a crooked smile, cleft palate or cleft lip and other conditions that would affect the health and normal bodily functions of the patient. Most of the time, this type of facial plastic surgery would be a medical need, and most insurance companies would cover this type of surgery.

Cosmetic procedures. This is the other type of surgery that falls under otolaryngology. This type of operation is done to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of a person, by enhancing the physical qualities of their face. Most of the time, these cosmetic surgeries would not be a medical need, so insurance will not cover the costs. Common procedures would be facelifts, rhinoplasties or nose jobs, chin and cheek implants, and other operations to improve how a person’s face looks.

How to prepare for a cosmetic surgery operation

Before even considering having cosmetic surgery done, it would be a good idea to consult a doctor. An ENT would be the best choice because of their expertise. They would be able to advise you about the risks involved with the type of surgery you are going to have. You can also ask your ENT about how long the recovery time will be and what you need to prepare to ensure a quick and safe recovery period. Most cosmetic surgeries will not require an extended stay in a hospital, and most patients would be feeling comfortable enough to return to their regular work schedule within one or two weeks after the surgery.

ENTs are the right doctors to approach when you are considering cosmetic surgery. However, if the surgery you are planning to have is not a medical need, keep in mind that insurance will probably not cover it. Make sure to talk to your doctor and understand what kind of medical coverage you have before the treatment. Your doctor would be able to discuss all the payment options available to you.


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