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dental assistant salary

A dental assistant’s tasks range from interacting with patients to carrying out office tasks in the dental clinic like booking appointments, paperwork and for handling the bills. This job therefore involves interaction with dentists as well as patients. In this article you can find out interesting information about a dental assistant’s tasks.


How Much does a Dental Assistant Earn?

In the United States, the average dental assistant salary is $36,529 according to the most recent statistics. However, the range keeps fluctuating from $32,421 to $40,388. Salary typically varies depending on education, certificates, skills and years of experience in the profession.
In Australia, the earnings are a lot more with the assistant being able to net as much as $82,472 annually while in the United Kingdom, dental assistants earn 18,180 pounds meaning $23,995 per year.

What Defines the Salary?

• Job Profile: The decision to work with large groups or dental organizations by taking an office job or being self-employed makes a huge difference. If you take a job in those big dental groups, you are likely to earn three times as much compared to running the clinic on your own. Even better, there is no worry of how to manage the practice.
• Location: Another key factor is the location of the dental clinic. Working in dental groups in major cities will help you earn big bucks. If, however, you’re working in a small town or village, chances are you’ll be earning just enough to make a comfortable living.
• Education/Certification: Degrees and certificates play an important role in determining the salary but this can be combined with the experience someone has in the field.
• Years of experience: The more experience someone has as a dental assistant, the better they will get paid.


Like many health-related professions, this job requires responsibility and attention, but it also comes with a lot of benefits such as free dental care, allowances, holidays, paid leaves etc.

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