Cosmetic Surgery for Feet

cosmetic surgery for feet

One of the latest areas of the body that have attracted the attention of Cosmetic Surgeons is “The foot”. Various procedures are now possible, such as “toe shortening” and “foot facelift plumps”. Is cosmetic surgery popular in the US? Is it popular in any other country? Cosmetic surgery has been sought out to enhance and improve the parts of their body that they are not satisfied at. And now, not only it is possible to remove fat in your belly, but can also be possible with your feet. There is a procedure to remove fat from the little toe to make it slimmer.

Toe Shortening

Often toe shortening is used to reduce the size of the toe adjacent to the big toe. If this toe is too long the patient is sometimes troubled by discomfort when wearing enclosed shoes. In some cases, this toe has become buckled because of the pressure of tight shoes.

This procedure involves opening up the toe and sawing a small section out of the bone before setting the bone and closing up the toe again. As with all cosmetic surgery, this is done in such a way that it reduces the visibility of scars. The procedure is also carried out for cosmetic reasons where the client is conscious of imperfections in their feet. For example, being very self-conscious of a particularly long toe.

The cause of long toe is usually a hereditary condition and Cosmetic surgery is the only solution.

Foot Facelift Plumps

This ‘cosmetic surgery for feet is designed to make wearing high heel shoes more comfortable. This is achieved by injecting fat, which has been obtained by liposuction from the client’s belly. The fat is injected into balls of the feet.

It has been described as having built-in gel shoe insoles.

Pinky Toe Tuck and Removal

In this procedure, the surgeon will remove fat from the top and side of the little toe, so that it appears to be slimmer. This allows ladies to wear slimmer shoes more comfortably.

In extreme cases, some ladies have had their “pinky toe” totally removed by a surgeon, so that the foot sits into pointed shoes easier.

As with all cosmetic surgery, when considering cosmetic surgery for feet, it is important to find a qualified surgeon. There is far less oversight of cosmetic surgeons in the USA than the UK, where the Royal College of Surgeons has a certification scheme.

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