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Can You Get Braces With Missing Teeth? What To Know

November 24, 2021 iaisorg99933 0

Braces are a popular treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth. But can you get braces with missing teeth? Luckily, people with missing teeth are indeed one of the best candidates for getting braces. So, if you have one or more missing teeth, you can visit your dentist or book an appointment at Boutique Dental Care Chatswood. Only a qualified dentist can help you come up with the treatment plan you need. Read on to learn more about dental braces, common reasons to lose your teeth, and other treatment options for missing teeth. More…

choosing between 2 orthodontics

Traditional Braces Vs Invisalign: Which Is More Practical?

December 20, 2020 iaisorg99933 0

The orthodontic branch of dentistry has always been trying to find advanced and contemporary solutions to dental issues. Nowadays, their services include a wide range of treatments to cater to unique cases. Today, we are going to figure if which between traditional braces vs Invisalign is more practical to use. These orthodontic braces have helped so many people fix their damaged teeth and maintain their function. More…

New Dentistry Technology Around The World

New Dentistry Technology Around The World-How Modern Technology Helps?

January 18, 2020 iaisorg99933 0

Research about new dentistry technology doesn’t stop. US dentists are eager to find the best and latest when it comes to dentistry news. Aside from the US, there are countries like Australia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Canada that have the best scores in dental health care. You can visit Daptodentists.com.au for more info about technology in Australia. As such, the technology for dental procedures that other places can practice is also accessible around the world. You may find continuous research efforts from these countries leading to dental technology. Dental professionals may find some dental innovations practical for their everyday work. More…

The advantage of American Orthodontics

November 29, 2019 iaisorg99933 0

Many people need orthodontic treatments. American Orthodontics is a brand that caters to people who are conscious of wearing braces but would require them. This article will talk about clear braces, their benefits and what American Orthodontics can offer. More…

foreign dentist in usa

Tips For Aspiring Foreign Dentists In The USA

October 29, 2019 iaisorg99933 0

There comes a time when you want to step up on the ladder of success. As a student of dentistry, this is still a long way for you. There is no doubt that further experience and education are needed for such ambition. However, the opportunity is open for resident dentists who are in the dental industry for a long time. Whether you’re in the USA already or hoping to transfer, this guide is for all of the eager foreign dentists in the USA. You can also visit the page of the DDSS/DDII team, dentists in Sydney to read how foreign dentists can succeed in other countries. More…