Broken Denture Repair Cost and Handling It with Care

broken denture repair cost

Let’s face it, suffering a broken denture can be your worst nightmare as it can trigger huge impact on your activities of daily living. Imagine this – you’re currently working in your office or socializing in a party with a formal dress code. Suddenly, everyone notices that your smile is one or two teeth short or your set of teeth is divided into two.

The humiliation is so excruciating that you just want to leave the planet so you won’t have to see those witnesses again. Moreover, you have to deal with the broken denture repair cost and that’s another problem you have to face. To know more about broken dentures and how much do you need, find about the cost here.

A broken denture has various causes. Regardless, it’s an experience you don’t want to happen. Perhaps the most common cause of breakage is dropping them on the floor while cleaning. Especially if the floor is made of hard material, the chance of breaking the denture is definitely high.

Cleaning your denture properly is part of handling it with care. It’s a wise idea to fill your sink with water and holding your denture near the water while cleaning it. This will guarantee that in case your drop it, the water will cushion the fall.

Broken dentures while being worn are less common compared to dentures getting broken while being cleaned. However, there are circumstances that it still happens. Here are some of them.

Hard food and drinks are a big factor among broken dentures. Such food includes nut shells, steak and candies.

Dentures that are getting loose can also lead to fractures and increase the possibility of getting broken. Once ridges begin to shrink, it decreases the level of support it provides to the dentures. This will lead to flexing especially if the person is chewing something. To prevent this from happening, it’s highly recommended for the person to visit the dentist to have his or her teeth checked and have the dentures adjusted.

As you continue to wear your dentures, a time comes when the alignment changes and the distribution of the pressure will be altered. This can lead to disharmonious bite relationship and is where a tooth just pops out because of the uneven alignment.

broken denture repair cost

Once again, it’s important to have regular check-up with your dentist to ascertain that this problem will be prevented. Your dentist can assess your denture, foresee a possible breakage and find a way to minimise the risk.

Thankfully, repairing broken dentures is not really that complicated. Most dentists would only use acrylic to replace the damaged area to bond the dentures back.

Broken Denture Repair Cost

Commonly, getting a broken denture repaired is not that expensive. You don’t even have to set an appointment with your dentist, unless your dentist would only accept appointments. The repair would only take a maximum of one hour and you can wear it again with ease. But this time, make sure to properly handle it with care.


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