Brexit and its Effects on Ireland

Ireland and Brexit

Brexit and its effects on Ireland are now understood to be weighing heavily in terms of EU membership for both Brexit negotiating teams.

The importance of Ireland and Brexit are becoming more obvious, as Ireland could be a key cornerstone in the face of a Brexit-like economic meltdown. Moreover, the subject matter of borders and custom unions in Ireland and the UK have taken a central role in recent Brexit developments.

At a recent private meeting in Brussels, the EU foreign and security policy chief Federica Mogherini said the UK’s membership would inevitably trigger a ‘hard landing’ which could impact adversely on British citizens. The EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini (with Polish PM Andrzej Duda) said Brexit would certainly be a difficult period for Britain. Britain will be forced onto a difficult path as it continues negotiations on our future association with the EU. Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney and British foreign secretary Boris Johnson were seen talking in Brussels recently also.

Both sides, need to maximize the trade with Ireland, and this could prove crucial. The Irish government has been heavily lobbied by its EU partners to be part of “the single market” in the same way as the UK. If Ireland is to join the customs union, an agreement having to do with a single currency would also be vital for Ireland’s membership talks.

Ireland and BrexitIt should also come as no surprise that many EU member states would welcome the opportunity to have a clearer understanding of their future relationship with Ireland in the event of a negative Brexit vote as this was certainly not reflected in the Irish government’s proposal for what “incentive” the EU should provide to countries to stay within the EU after the UK leaves. Going forward we expect Ireland and its role in Brexit talks to continue to take a pivotal position.

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