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A recent survey valued the Irish beauty cosmetics segment at $144.6m in 2019 and forecast annual growth of 2.9%. The natural cosmetics segment is valued at $17.53m in 2019 and is expected to rise to $25.6m in 2023. This is certainly a vibrant market and it is being led by a handful of Irish brands. Today I will focus on just two brands of beauty product companies looking to expand worldwide that have shown that they are the best of the best Irish beauty brands.


Voya has established a world-class reputation and now supply five-star hotels, cruise ships, and airlines around the world. Voya began its life in 1912 when they opened a traditional seaweed bath in Strandhill Co.Sligo. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1961. In 2000 the company reopened its Strandhill Spa and it is now one of the busiest spas in Ireland. In 2006 following requests from customers for a way to replicate the effects of the spa at home the company has grown and introduced a massive range of seaweed-based cosmetic products.

The Handmade Soap Company

irish beautyThis company was born in Donagh and Gemma Quigley’s kitchen. They started by selling their beautiful handmade soaps at farmers markets and to neighbors. Since then they have developed a large distribution network whilst at the same time maintaining green credentials with recyclable packaging, and environmentally sound power for their business.

Their product range now stretches from hand care, soaps, skincare to men’s grooming products, all manufactured here in Ireland. They now have stocks across Europe and a growing presence in the USA.

Other Notable Brands

As stated in the introduction, the Irish beauty industry is growing fast and there are a large number of companies that have developed and are looking to expand. Here are a few of the most notable Irish Beauty companies:

  • SOSU
  • Waxperts Wax
  • Cocoa Brown
  • Bellamianta
  • Push Makeup

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