How To Avoid Oral Injury In Football

injury in football

Having the proper safety gear is very important to prevent injury in football. With the multitude of ways that injuries can occur, it is imperative that each athlete takes the necessary steps to protect themselves before stepping on the football field. One area of key importance that each football player must practice safety, is with their oral area. You can ask testimonies from football and rugby players supported by Mobile Mouthguards clinic how to protect their oral area during a game. Let’s discuss in further detail the key ways with how to avoid oral injury in football below.

Flag football

In flag football, even though it is not full contact, it is still physical, and injuries can still occur. Because of this, proper precautions must be taken to prevent injury. In this style of football, body pads (legs, waist, and chest) are usually optional, but helmets are not required. Since helmets are not required, this leaves the head fully exposed, and open to accidental contact and injury. The best way to prevent oral injury in flag football is to have a mouthpiece (some call them mouth guards). This mouthpiece will protect your teeth and gums from minor and major damage.

Full-contact football

In full-contact football, the chance for oral injuries is much higher. Because of this, they are more precautions taken. With all the various injuries that can occur, here is how to avoid oral injury football, when it is full contact; 1 Steel helmets and 2 mouthpieces. Using a steel helmet protect every part of the head, including the entire oral area of the players. The mouthpieces, as mentioned previously will protect them from injuries to their teeth and gum – oral – areas.

Types of mouthpieces

injury in footballThere are two types of mouthpieces that football players use to avoid oral injury. There are the ones that athletes can put entirely in their mouth’s. These are nearly identical to the ones that professional boxers use. Then there are the ones that have a rubber tail that hangs from them. The ones that have a rubber tail that hangs from them, are used less by flag football players, and more by, full contact, football players. This is because the rubber tail that hangs from them is there to latch onto the full contact, football players helmets. This keeps them from having to worry about the mouthpiece getting lost, when they are on the sidelines, between plays, or when they go to get a drink of water and have to remove the mouthpiece.

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