How Much Is The Average Orthodontist Salary

average orthodontist salary

Orthodontists, primarily, are dentists who specialize in fixing of crooked teeth and misaligned jaws through retainers and braces. Their duties are much more diverse including the treatment of chewing problems, protruding teeth, and facial asymmetry. This is through the help of medical tools like plaster molds and x-rays. Email us at www. to know more about orthodontics.

To become an orthodontist requires one to go through dental school and earn a degree in dentistry. It’s also required of one to have good scores in the Dental Admission Test. The course demands that one has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to flexible working hours and travel since it may require you to work from office to office which may often prove to so demanding.

The salaries of Orthodontists varies depending on various factors such as the training and education, the type of workplace which includes hospital, government, and private practice, the establishment size and years of experience that one has.  Also, the country and region where one works significantly affect an orthodontist’s salary.

The average Orthodontist salary in the United States as of January 16, 2019, is $137,944.  The salary, however, falls in the range between $113,327 and $167,260, which may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.  In Canada, KY the average salary is $120,729, but the range typically falls between $99,184 and $146,386.

average orthodontist salaryThere are not many opportunities for increased pay or advancement as an orthodontist as suggested by the little variance in the salary range regardless of the years of experience that one has.  Apart from the salary, Orthodontists enjoy other benefits which include;   Bonuses, Healthcare, social security contributions, pensions, paid time off and 401k.

Orthodontists cannot be said to be doing worse off when it comes to salary in comparison to other professions although it might not be as high as some professions it is considered good pay. The pay by experience has a positive trend, and therefore one should expect an increase in salary with more years of experience.

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