How much is the average cost of a nose job

average cost of a nose job

For most prospective patients, a nose job (also known as a rhinoplasty) is not a procedure covered by most medical insurance plans. This can leave patients confused about the potential average cost of a nose job and can even leave some scratching their heads, asking ‘is it worth it?’ This is complicated by the cost estimates many websites and clinics post – rhinoplasty costs vary wildly, from $2,000 to $15,000.

To make the situation even more confusing, the cost of rhinoplasty can vary wildly depending on the length and complexity of the procedure. This is because not all nose jobs are the same – simple nose reductions only take half an hour, give or take, and have a low cost to match. This is opposed to the more complex restructuring procedures that can take hours and have an astronomical price tag.

This is not even to mention revisions. Revisions in plastic surgery are procedures to correct previous work that the patient found unsatisfactory. These procedures are often more expensive than any other form of rhinoplasty, though the cost varies wildly.

Another factor that influences the cost of rhinoplasty includes the expertise of your surgeon. Well-known, experienced cosmetic surgeons often charge a lot more than others. In addition, the anesthesiologist will often vary in price depending on their level of training.

average cost of a nose jobSo how can a prospective rhinoplasty patient figure out exactly how much their rhinoplasty will cost? The best way is to first decide on a number of surgeons that meet the standards of the patient. The patient will need to talk to all of them and get an estimate as to how much the procedure will cost. The patient can then compare the prices and try to determine exactly how much they can afford, keeping in mind that the costs of the procedure will change depending on circumstance.

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