The American Dental Education Association

american dental education association

The American Association for Dental Education (ADEA), was founded, is an association of academic dentistry with its head office located in Washington D.C. An open-membership policy was introduced in 2006, which increased its members significantly. ADEA goal is to encourage institutions and people to address contemporary problems that affect education, research and oral health care for general health and the safety of the population. For emergency related with dental concern, contact the nearest doctor to you.

Institutional members of ADEA are all 76 dental universities in the United States and Canada, over 800 related and high-level dental education programs, as well as 66 oral care corporations. Individual ADEA members have over 20,000 teachers, employees, program directors, and students.

Dental education is an extensive and diverse area in which people are trained in fields, such as general dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and laboratory american dental education association technicians. Membership in ADEA reflects this diversity, which is why there are 38 sections in the association.
ADEA also promotes interactions between communities, which allows members to achieve their individual goals, using their shared strength:

ADEA provides valuable student support through the Pathways department and supports only four application services. ADEA assists students from all walks of life to pursue careers and sometimes even in elementary school. For dental teachers, ADEA offers constant opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills.

ADEA identifies best practices in dental education and advocates changes in programs offered by institutions of dental education that everyone benefits. Contribution by ADEA in solving oral health problems by promoting perfection in dental education, patient care, and research and provides financial assistance for dental education, and research through ADEAGies Foundation. The Gies Foundation founded in 1950 by admirers of by Dr. Giss and colleagues. Dr. Gies was a professor in biochemistry at Columbia University is known for his historic dental education report in 1926 in the United States and Canada. In honor of Dr. Gies work, every year awards for innovations, achievements, and vision in the field of oral hygiene and dental education are given in conjunction with The American Dental Education Association.

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