Advanced Therapeutic Massage: How It Helps?

Advanced Therapeutic Massage Session

Advanced therapeutic massage can give you a relaxing body and mind. It can enhance your aura and help you to improve your daily activity by restoring the strength of the affected areas of your muscles. Having a good massage therapist can make your life stress-free. If you are looking for an advanced therapeutic massage, you can visit Chinese Traditional Massage from Wayne Massage.


Brief History of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is thousands of years old. The word massage appears in many writings from ancient China, Japan, Egypt, Arabic Nation, Greece and Rome. Even Hippocrates, the Greek Physician and Philosopher, defined massage as the art of rubbing.

During the Renaissance period, massage became widely used in Europe. Then year 1850s, Two American physicians who had studied in Sweden presented massage therapy in the United States. Later on, it became popular and encouraged for different health purposes. Technological and scientific advances in medical treatment emerged during the 1930s and 1940s, that result in the loss of therapeutic massage. However, in year 1970s massage revived again, especially among athletes.


Advanced Therapeutic massage

All massages are said to be therapeutic because it affects the largest organ in your body—your skin. It manipulates your connective tissue and muscle using a different technique. All massages promote to improve function, support in the therapeutic process, reduce muscle reflex movement, increase blood circulation, relaxation, and as a leisure activity. However, advance therapeutic massage is different from relaxation massage. An advanced therapeutic massage intended to improve the affected area of your body while relaxation massage commonly covers all areas of your skin.

Even in the areas of communication during massage therapy, it is essential in a therapeutic massage that the client is awake and active to give feedback to massage therapist regarding on the sensation, pressure, and changes. Meanwhile, in relaxation massage, the client doesn’t have an obligation to stay awake and feel free to fall asleep. However, most massage therapy today is the combination of both therapeutic massage and relaxation massage.


Benefits of Massage Therapy in the Body

Massage TherapyNo questioned asks that massage therapy is one of the right ways to improve the condition of your body. It promotes soundness from inside to outside of the body. The following details are how a massage therapist can impart the benefits of a good massage into your body.

  1. It can counteract all that is sitting you do. Sitting all day long can bring stress to your body. It gives pain and weakens your lower back. The strain causes to your body manifested in your shoulder and neck. Fortunately, massage can counteract all the sitting that you do and bring back your good proper posture.
  2. It eases muscle pain. The usual function of a massage is to heal those sore muscles of yours. It also increases and improves your blood circulation. Some study showed that the benefits of massage therapy are as significant as other procedures of treatment for chronic back pain.
  3. It soothes anxiety and depression. Like a hug that touches people can help others to relax, what more a massage touches your head to toe—a touch intended for you to relax and be calm. Many studies showed that people who are anxious and depressed gets better, more relaxed and happier after a massage. Hence, a massage is also one of the recreational ways you can do to reduce your stress.
  4. It improves sleep. Since it helps to relax your muscle, you can have a restful body to sleep. It also helps those who can’t sleep comfortably. Also, massage promotes relaxation and sleep for the infants that leads to less cry and stress. Help your baby to get more sleep can also help you to have a good rest.
  5. It boosts immunity. Massage helps you to have better sleep, stress-free life and heal your muscle pain. Thus, it can surely help you to have a better immune system. Several studies also showed that massage therapy boosts white blood cell count and improves immune function for individuals.
  6. It relieves headaches. Headaches are often associated with muscle tightness. Hence, a single session of a massage can aids you to ease the tension or discomfort in the head. It helps you to relax your scalp and neck and other parts of your muscle associated with the headache.


These are just some of the benefits that you can get from having a good therapeutic massage. Remember that only a license massage therapist can impart these benefits to your body. Only a licensed therapist can assist your skin in improving your tissues and muscles. Even after exercising your arms, core and legs, you should get relaxation with some massage. Give your body a treat, get yourself a massage.


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