4 Benefits Of Using Advanced Sterilization Products (Prevent COVID19)

4 Benefits Of Using Advanced Sterilization Products

Recently, the big news about the novel coronavirus or COVID19 has the world currently on the state of a pandemic situation. With health risks such as coronaviruses, it is essential to always be ahead in sterilization and disinfection. Hence, many hospitals, food industries, dental clinics, and similar businesses need advanced sterilization products. European companies of disinfection equipment suggest that hospitals and clinics with medical devices and surgical instruments undergo steam sterilization. Moreover, medical, dental, and veterinary practitioners must have full protection gear against the dreaded COVID19. How can an ordinary citizen prevent COVID19 inside their family’s house? Check out some useful tips to disinfect your environment here.


The Current Situation Of COVID19

As of March 23, 2020, COVID19 has 300,000 cases and counting worldwide. It is stated by the World Health Organization as a pandemic virus, one that has claimed many lives. Right now, COVID19 has a total of 14510 deaths and increases daily. Today, there are many questions about transmission from humans to pets such as dogs are now uncovering. Moreover, issues about infection through water pipes are also one of the emerging news for COVID19. Most countries are trying to prevent the spread of COVID19 by staying at home and observing double efforts for proper and regular hygiene. Also, many health services and providers need to ensure that they have advanced sterilization products such as autoclaves and policies for infection prevention. 


Symptoms Of COVID19

Under the family of coronaviruses, there are many similar symptoms of COVID19 with MARS and SERS. Here are some of its symptoms:

  • cough
  • fever
  • tiredness
  • difficulty breathing (severe cases)


How Can Hospitals And Clinics Benefit From Advanced Sterilization Products?

What are advanced sterilization products used for? Even before, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) gave policies and guidelines for disinfection and sterilization for both the medical and dental industry. Many health care companies, providers, and authorities must comply with these rules to be trustworthy and credible. Aside from this fact, there are many benefits in preventing germs, bacteria, and other types of viruses if the community can work as a team. Furthermore, there is an innovative technology for a business to ensure safety or its employees. 


Infection Prevention

One of the main reasons why COVID19 is prevalent is how many people do not know how to prevent the spreading of diseases. Simple contact with a person infected with COVID19 may spread the droplets that contain the virus. This global health disease may be stopped by using advanced sterilization products. Many developed countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, and even Asian countries like Japan and South Korea have their policies on medical practices, communicating, and hygiene. 


Cleaning Surgical Instruments And Medical Devices

Going in-depth with the current health risks, it is the right way for doctors to stop the transmission of pathogens. Viruses can spread from patient to patient or patient to medical provider. Hence, thorough cleaning of surgical instruments and medical devices will encourage infection prevention. Advanced sterilization products focus on eliminating bacteria and germs through a specific temperature and condition. Hospitals can avail autoclaves for thorough dry heat or steam sterilizing.


Does Not Harm The Environment

The best benefit of sterilizing is that most disinfection and sterilizing products such as autoclaves work to save the Earth. It is best to look for manufacturers that promote green energy or are eco-friendly. Many suppliers of autoclaves are looking for ways to save water while doing the steam sterilization process. Also, more autoclaves are improving with its design and material for the whole container of medical devices.


Anyone Can Sterilize And Disinfect

Advanced Sterilization Products Prevent COVID19

Not only do doctors, but nurses, radiologists, medical technologists and dentists also need infection prevention in their medical devices or surgical instruments. Even ordinary citizens must have redoubled efforts in avoiding transmission of germs and viruses in their everyday tasks. Families must check if their disinfectants have toxic substances that may be harmful if inhaled. 


What Tips Are Useful For Healthcare Professionals To Prevent COVID19?

Additionally, patients must be honest about their current health condition. Many doctors may suffer from the dishonesty of their patients, and the law even punishes citizens that may do so. Moreover, it is essential always to wash hands, avoid public or crowded places. Lastly, daily hygiene is essential. If one sneezes, still cover the mouth or nose and clean hands with soap.

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